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The Edge has long offered one of the most comprehensive and effective Admissions Consulting programs for future elite Boarding School and University students. 

Now, through the Edge Prep and Edge Tutors, we are offering an even more robust Admissions Consulting service which now extends to students aiming to enter Graduate School as well. The same great service, but with a larger variety to tailor to more students needs. 



The Edge Admissions Consulting - via The Edge Tutors

We help students define their educational goals, prepare them for making informed decisions, and guide them through a search for a school that best fits individual needs. Our experienced Admissions Consultants provide:

  • One-on-one online mentoring (In person available for those students in Hong Kong with select Admissions Consultants)
  • Meticulous admissions data analysis
  • Thorough school selection
  • Academic guidance
  • Effective essay-writing training
  • Consultants available for any level of school, from Boarding School to Grad School
  • Pricing tailored to the students goals. 

Oxbridge Interview Prep – A Journey of Self-Discovery

  • Get familiar with the Oxbridge interview setting and be confidently prepared
  • Improve clarity in structuring an argument when faced with unfamiliar academic problem under time pressure
  • Become aware of the specific areas to focus on
  • Boost overall interview skills and leave the best impression to maximise the chance of success


For more information on our past results, consultants, and programs, please complete the Information Request form below and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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