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Asia's Premier US Test Preparation Service is here!

Enter The Edge Prep

Welcome to The Edge Prep, Asia's first homegrown adaptive Test Prep system. After more than 10 years of operation in Southeast Asia and built under the watch of more than 100 combined years of Test Prep experience, this groundbreaking new platform is the first of its kind developed using Duc Luu's proven Asian style US Test Prep.

So what makes The Edge Prep so special? In a few words, content and quality. The Edge Prep Products have more real tests, more practice questions,  and more proven instructional content and strategies than any other provider in the world. Content and strategies are only part of the equation though, through the partnership with RealizeIT, The Edge Prep has been able to build this content into an innovative adaptive learning system allowing our students to study smarter, harder, and longer than students of other programs. 

So what does an adaptive Test Prep platform look like? Here is a screenshot of our first ACT® English lesson map for us to dissect. 


ACT English 1 Lesson Map










The first thing you'll notice is the different lesson objectives across each section of the map. These remain locked until you have completed a variable set of questions which the custom algorithm determines is enough to show mastery or not. At that time, they will be unlocked. As you proceed through the various concepts required, the system will generate a custom profile for you and make adjustments accordingly. Additionally, we are able to use this data to predict your score with great accuracy. 


The ACT® platform includes:

The SAT® platform includes:

  1. More than 2100 ACT® practice questions
  2. Video and Whiteboard explanations by Duc Luu
  3. Dozens of Drilling Exercises
  4. Up to 10 full-length practice tests
  5. A fully adaptive learning engine
  1. More than 1000 SAT® practice questions
  2. Video and Whiteboard explanations by Duc Luu
  3. Dozens of Drilling Exercises
  4. Up to 4 full-length practice tests
  5. A fully adaptive learning engine 


Over the coming month's we will be posting the latest news, tips, and advice for test prep experts and students alike.

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A new interface is among the exciting new features coming to The Edge Prep

The Road To 2.0

With the launch of the 1st version of The Edge Prep having passed, we thought it was a good time to lay out the exciting changes we have in store for this platform over the upcoming year. Here is a list to help you keep track of what we have in store. 

Q3 2018

  1. Mobile App Version on Android and Apple IOS
  2. User Interface Version 2.0

Q4 2018

  1. Content Updates - Fixes and additional content for existing users. 
  2. SSAT Product Launch - Premium and Standard Tiers
  3. Integration with The Edge Tutors for a Single Sign-On(SSO) System. More to be announced on this pairing later.

Q1 2019

  1. TOEFL Product Launch - Premium and Standard Tiers
  2. SSAT Product Launch - Ultimate Tier

Q2 2019

  1. TOEFL Product Launch - Ultimate Tier
  2. Content Update and Revisions for All Current Products

That's it for now, we'll have more details to announce soon though regarding these updates and what they mean for you. 

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