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A new interface is among the exciting new features coming to The Edge Prep

The Road To 2.0

With the launch of the 1st version of The Edge Prep having passed, we thought it was a good time to lay out the exciting changes we have in store for this platform over the upcoming year. Here is a list to help you keep track of what we have in store. 

Q3 2018

  1. Mobile App Version on Android and Apple IOS
  2. User Interface Version 2.0

Q4 2018

  1. Content Updates - Fixes and additional content for existing users. 
  2. SSAT Product Launch - Premium and Standard Tiers
  3. Integration with The Edge Tutors for a Single Sign-On(SSO) System. More to be announced on this pairing later.

Q1 2019

  1. TOEFL Product Launch - Premium and Standard Tiers
  2. SSAT Product Launch - Ultimate Tier

Q2 2019

  1. TOEFL Product Launch - Ultimate Tier
  2. Content Update and Revisions for All Current Products

That's it for now, we'll have more details to announce soon though regarding these updates and what they mean for you. 

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