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The Edge Prep parent features allow parents to be a part of the Test Prep Process!

Parents and Prep - Edge Prep Parent Accounts

There are a lot of features in The Edge Prep, but one of the most important features for us here is the Parent Account feature. This blog is going to go into the details related to this feature as well as some potential uses for parents. Let's start with the basics. 

What is the Parent Account?

Simply put, the parent account is a separate account created at the time of signup for parents of in-house and partner school students. (While we are working on bringing this feature to our web-only customers(ie. those who book completely through the web), it is currently not ready for release to this group.)

The parent account has several features aimed at allowing parents to track their child's progress through the curriculum, including tracking such items as time spent, time remaining, predicted scores, types of problems missed, areas of least and most concern, and more. In short, it provides a hub to make sure your child is using the platform to its fullest so that they can increase their scores by the greatest amount. 

What are the Features?

  • Time Tracking - Check to see how much time your child has spent within the system, actually answering questions, not just idling. 
  • Areas of Concern - Areas which your child is struggling with, down to the question level, are highlighted and easy to see.
  • Areas of Strength - See which areas your child is doing the best in, as well as areas which they have made the most improvement. 
  • Comparatives - See how your child ranks against not only the averages of society but also how they compare to the rest of the students on the platform. 
  • Multiple Product Tracking - Took the ACT and decided to change to the SAT? Our system allows you to review all subscribed products from the same menu for your child. 
  • Other Features - Contact administration directly, book live lessons(coming soon via The Edge Tutors), and much more. 

How do I use it effectively as a Parent?

With all these features available, it might seem challenging to use them effectively. However, this is not the case. The Edge Prep staff is here to help explain exactly what you can do to help your child obtain the best results. 

  1. Ensure that your child is spending the appropriate time in each section. If you see a section taking under 20 minutes, it is a sign that they were not reading through it appropriately. For reference, each lesson component is designed to take between 1.5 and 3 hours. The adaptive nature of the platform will shift the focus to the most required areas, meaning the time allotment shouldn't change that much. 
  2. Focus your assessments(Drills) on the areas of concern. As a parent, you have the capacity to assign and communicate with your child through the platform. (or not if you prefer a more independent approach) If you see that your child is having trouble with a specific type of question, make sure that they focus on that type in the assessments section. 
  3. Set a realistic target score before you start. That way you have a benchmark. To do this, it is suggested that your child starts with a mock test assessment. This will give them an idea of where they should put their focus, but also will give a good baseline for your current standing and set the tone for the remainder of the lessons. 
  4. Don't be afraid to use live tutoring as a supplement. The Test Prep Tutors via The Edge Tutors are able to be given access to the teachers account and analytical data should you request it for your child. (It is only given upon explicit request and verification as we take confidentiality seriously)

How much does this cost me?

This is the best part, the teacher and parent accounts are 100% free with the purchase of any level of the product. At The Edge Prep, we strongly believe that parents have an important role in educating their children. As such, we want our parents to be given all the tools necessary to help their children achieve their greatest potential on these tests. 


With 100s of Highly Qualified Tutors signing up monthly, The Edge Tutors is the place to go for 1-on-1 online tutoring.

Announcing - The Edge Tutors

With the official launch of The Edge Tutors today, The Edge now offers a fully blended experience, anytime, anywhere. The Edge Tutors is our new tutor matching platform with the simple purpose of expanding our highly qualified teachers and years of product experience around the globe at a price the students can afford, but that tutors can choose. 

Starting today, students can login to and have lessons with hundreds of available tutors covering hundreds of subjects, meanwhile, tutors can login and apply for a position tutoring what they want, at a price they want, through our custom online learning platform. 

For more information, please check out the website or keep an eye out on our social media channels. 





A procedural update pulls the ACT into the 21st century.

The ACT Goes Online

As you may have heard, after a brief delay the ACT is going to be converting to an internet-based test (iBT) format in the near future. This has created a lot of questions regarding which one people should take, what will the new test look like, and how best to prepare if your going to take the new version. 

Let's take a quick look at what is changing and what is staying the same. 

Staying the Same

The Question Structure

The ACT will maintain its current structure of English, Math, Reading, Science, and the Essay. 

The Number of Questions and Time Allowances

Despite the initial announcement stating the new iBT would be an adaptive test, which could have made the total time required on the test variable based on performance, the ACT, at least initially, will be a standard non-adaptive test. This means that you will still have the same 60 questions in math, 40 questions in science, 40 questions in reading, and 75 questions in English as you do in the current format of the test. 

In addition, the same time allowances will apply to each of these sections as students currently see. 

Whats Changing

The Format

As mentioned, the primary medium which the test is taken on is changing to iBT format from the current paper-based testpBT ) format. This is being done as a step towards removing the rampant cheating which has caused the last minute cancelation of tests over the years. 

The Future

The first iteration of the iBT format of the ACT may be a straight port from paper to computer, but has stated that they will be moving to an adaptive format similar to that which you see on the GMAT in the coming years. Not only will this be a more secure way to take the test, it will also be a game changer in how you approach the test.

Thankfully, there are test prep providers like The Edge Prep and The Edge Tutors who are not only able to prep for the current test, but also able to better prepare you for the future changes to the format. 

For more on the upcoming changes taking place on the ACT you can look at the official ACT blog





Asia's Premier US Test Preparation Service is here!

Enter The Edge Prep

Welcome to The Edge Prep, Asia's first homegrown adaptive Test Prep system. After more than 10 years of operation in Southeast Asia and built under the watch of more than 100 combined years of Test Prep experience, this groundbreaking new platform is the first of its kind developed using Duc Luu's proven Asian style US Test Prep.

So what makes The Edge Prep so special? In a few words, content and quality. The Edge Prep Products have more real tests, more practice questions,  and more proven instructional content and strategies than any other provider in the world. Content and strategies are only part of the equation though, through the partnership with RealizeIT, The Edge Prep has been able to build this content into an innovative adaptive learning system allowing our students to study smarter, harder, and longer than students of other programs. 

So what does an adaptive Test Prep platform look like? Here is a screenshot of our first ACT® English lesson map for us to dissect. 


ACT English 1 Lesson Map










The first thing you'll notice is the different lesson objectives across each section of the map. These remain locked until you have completed a variable set of questions which the custom algorithm determines is enough to show mastery or not. At that time, they will be unlocked. As you proceed through the various concepts required, the system will generate a custom profile for you and make adjustments accordingly. Additionally, we are able to use this data to predict your score with great accuracy. 


The ACT® platform includes:

The SAT® platform includes:

  1. More than 2100 ACT® practice questions
  2. Video and Whiteboard explanations by Duc Luu
  3. Dozens of Drilling Exercises
  4. Up to 10 full-length practice tests
  5. A fully adaptive learning engine
  1. More than 1000 SAT® practice questions
  2. Video and Whiteboard explanations by Duc Luu
  3. Dozens of Drilling Exercises
  4. Up to 4 full-length practice tests
  5. A fully adaptive learning engine 


Over the coming month's we will be posting the latest news, tips, and advice for test prep experts and students alike.

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A new interface is among the exciting new features coming to The Edge Prep

The Road To 2.0

With the launch of the 1st version of The Edge Prep having passed, we thought it was a good time to lay out the exciting changes we have in store for this platform over the upcoming year. Here is a list to help you keep track of what we have in store. 

Q3 2018

  1. Mobile App Version on Android and Apple IOS
  2. User Interface Version 2.0

Q4 2018

  1. Content Updates - Fixes and additional content for existing users. 
  2. SSAT Product Launch - Premium and Standard Tiers
  3. Integration with The Edge Tutors for a Single Sign-On(SSO) System. More to be announced on this pairing later.

Q1 2019

  1. TOEFL Product Launch - Premium and Standard Tiers
  2. SSAT Product Launch - Ultimate Tier

Q2 2019

  1. TOEFL Product Launch - Ultimate Tier
  2. Content Update and Revisions for All Current Products

That's it for now, we'll have more details to announce soon though regarding these updates and what they mean for you. 

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