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Parents and Prep - Edge Prep Parent Accounts

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The Edge Prep parent features allow parents to be a part of the Test Prep Process!

Parents and Prep - Edge Prep Parent Accounts

There are a lot of features in The Edge Prep, but one of the most important features for us here is the Parent Account feature. This blog is going to go into the details related to this feature as well as some potential uses for parents. Let's start with the basics. 

What is the Parent Account?

Simply put, the parent account is a separate account created at the time of signup for parents of in-house and partner school students. (While we are working on bringing this feature to our web-only customers(ie. those who book completely through the web), it is currently not ready for release to this group.)

The parent account has several features aimed at allowing parents to track their child's progress through the curriculum, including tracking such items as time spent, time remaining, predicted scores, types of problems missed, areas of least and most concern, and more. In short, it provides a hub to make sure your child is using the platform to its fullest so that they can increase their scores by the greatest amount. 

What are the Features?

  • Time Tracking - Check to see how much time your child has spent within the system, actually answering questions, not just idling. 
  • Areas of Concern - Areas which your child is struggling with, down to the question level, are highlighted and easy to see.
  • Areas of Strength - See which areas your child is doing the best in, as well as areas which they have made the most improvement. 
  • Comparatives - See how your child ranks against not only the averages of society but also how they compare to the rest of the students on the platform. 
  • Multiple Product Tracking - Took the ACT and decided to change to the SAT? Our system allows you to review all subscribed products from the same menu for your child. 
  • Other Features - Contact administration directly, book live lessons(coming soon via The Edge Tutors), and much more. 

How do I use it effectively as a Parent?

With all these features available, it might seem challenging to use them effectively. However, this is not the case. The Edge Prep staff is here to help explain exactly what you can do to help your child obtain the best results. 

  1. Ensure that your child is spending the appropriate time in each section. If you see a section taking under 20 minutes, it is a sign that they were not reading through it appropriately. For reference, each lesson component is designed to take between 1.5 and 3 hours. The adaptive nature of the platform will shift the focus to the most required areas, meaning the time allotment shouldn't change that much. 
  2. Focus your assessments(Drills) on the areas of concern. As a parent, you have the capacity to assign and communicate with your child through the platform. (or not if you prefer a more independent approach) If you see that your child is having trouble with a specific type of question, make sure that they focus on that type in the assessments section. 
  3. Set a realistic target score before you start. That way you have a benchmark. To do this, it is suggested that your child starts with a mock test assessment. This will give them an idea of where they should put their focus, but also will give a good baseline for your current standing and set the tone for the remainder of the lessons. 
  4. Don't be afraid to use live tutoring as a supplement. The Test Prep Tutors via The Edge Tutors are able to be given access to the teachers account and analytical data should you request it for your child. (It is only given upon explicit request and verification as we take confidentiality seriously)

How much does this cost me?

This is the best part, the teacher and parent accounts are 100% free with the purchase of any level of the product. At The Edge Prep, we strongly believe that parents have an important role in educating their children. As such, we want our parents to be given all the tools necessary to help their children achieve their greatest potential on these tests. 

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We at the Edge Prep are excited to announce the launch of our SSAT course. Following the successful launch of our ACT and SAT courses, which have helped hundreds of students score higher in the short time they have been available, we now focus our sights on those students taking the demanding SSAT in hopes of scoring their way into a top boarding school. 

The SSAT, much like the other courses comes loaded with custom content written by a team of highly trained academics, hours and drilling and review, and mock tests for the ultimate form of practice. All tied together using the custom AI engine developed by RealizeIT technologies for use within the world's elite universities. 

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  • AI-powered adaptive learning to ensure that you're only studying the areas you need to. 
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If you still have questions, feel free to email us at Otherwise, you can check out the subscription page to learn more. 

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*Live Tutoring fees on Edge Tutors not included in the course fee. However, with your consent the tutors you select on Edge Tutors can access your Edge Prep summary stats and quickly assess and correct any areas of difficulty. Email us for more info. 

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When Should I take the SAT's?

You should take your SAT when you are most ready. If possible, try to get your final SAT score by junior year.

Why not senior year? Because your first-semester senior year is likely going to be the most intense and stressful semester of your high school career. You will likely have your hardest classes, club leadership responsibilities, and college applications. During your senior year, getting enough sleep will be a big enough challenge, so why add pressure to perform well on the SAT? Also, if you procrastinated on your SAT studying, you will likely procrastinate on your personal statement writing as well. Take your SAT's early so you can procrastinate on something else! 

We understand that most students don't plan ahead enough. Enrollment in SAT classes tends to peak during the summer between junior/senior year and fall of senior year. Despite encouraging high school juniors to start studying earlier, we often don't see these students until they are stressed out a year later. That's understandable. High school juniors are still teenagers and likely to perceive a year in the future as quite long. 

One note about taking the SAT your senior year: if you think that you can improve your score by 100+ points, then definitely feel free to take the test again. That is a big enough improvement and worth your time.