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Edge Fact #1: Personalized Courseware through Adaptive Technology

We have developed the latest in Digital Test Preparation courseware. Our Adaptive technology personalizes the student experience by learning the student’s strengths and weaknesses and then altering the student’s learning path based on his or her needs. Built from the ground up and based on advanced learning theory and proven strategies, our product offers students a solution which surpasses anything currently available on the market in terms of quality, price, and adaptability.


Edge Fact #2: Strong Foundation, Proven Strategies

Since 2006, The Edge Learning Centers, an Asia-based, results-driven learning & test prep entity, has provided courses and programs under the expert guidance of professionals who are qualified at the highest level.

It is our best practice to partner with students, parents, schools, and corporations to provide the best guidance and support to students for all their academic, career, and life choices. Doing so successfully requires a solid level of expertise across a variety of fields within education – from tutoring to counseling and coaching – and a commitment to work as a team, collaborating across these areas of expertise to provide the best options for students.

Over the past ten years, our team has focused on building a solid foundation and honing our expertise across our three departments – Academic Tutoring, Test Preparation, and Admissions Consulting – in order to provide the best value to students we work with. This foundation of expertise has enabled us to build a strong, proven track record of improving student performance and achievement. The Edge has helped tens of thousands of students at our locations in South & East Asia

By launching, our team is committed to continuing to shape the process of rethinking education for the 21st century.


Edge Fact #3: Asia’s #1 Content Development Team

Edge Prep was built by and is consistently monitored by The Edge Learning Center’scontent development team, Asia’s best content development team. The Edge Learning Center has a dedicated content development team, each member of which has scored in the 99 percentile their exams and many of whom graduated from top-tier universities like Harvard, MIT, University of Chicago, and Yale. The Edge’s content development team is consistently evaluating the effectiveness of each product and redeveloping materials to better reflect best practices and to address changes made to assessments like the ACT or SAT.


Edge Fact #4: Top 30 University Representation

The Edge teaching, training & content development team consists of highly educated professionals, the majority of which have graduated near the top of their class from Ivy-league or Top 30 ranked universities.


Edge Fact #5: Forward-Thinking

We were well ahead of all our competitors on the ACT for a reason. We knew that in 2011, the world decided the ACT was a better experience. As a result, we had already developed the first full curriculum that comprehensively taught and helped students well before college admissions organizations started to say they believe the ACT is the best option for college. Then in 2017 when the SAT revamp first arrived, we were first in line with a new set of internally developed curriculum as we knew that the updated SAT would be the future in Asian Test Prep. We always have “The Edge” and our students do as well due to our diligence in keeping ahead.


Edge Fact #6: Pay for What you need, When you need…

Regardless of how long you have to prep; Edge Prep will work for you. Edge Prep is adaptive, so it learns with you, adjusting the course length and difficulty based on your needs. This means that you will not only see your progress but know when you are ready for the exam. Combined with our subscription-based access model, this means that since the content is adapted to your needs, you will only pay for what you need, when you need it.


Edge Fact #7: More Content, More Accuracy 

The Edge Prep offers far more content than any of our competitors. However, its not just the amount of content that is greater, but the accuracy of this content. The Edge prides itself on providing the best content in the industry via our content development team.

Here is just one example of what we offer compared to our competition:


Edge Prep ACT Comparison



Feature Kaplan  The Princeton Review® Khan Academy
Fully Adaptive  Yes  No  No  No

Real Mock Tests

10 8 4 8
Instruction 120+ hours 50 hours 50+ hours N/A
Access Duration up to 12 months 6 months 120 days N/A
Practice Questions 2100+ 1000+ 1200+ N/A
Price (Starting at) US$200+ US$224+ US$299+ $0